About ESC

What is ESC?

ESC is the European Student Convention, an annual event for students who follow the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum.

ESC takes place at Millfield School in Somerset.  Millfield is a superb facility where our young people have a great opportunity to develop their gifts, talents and leadership skills.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a large variety of events (music, speech, drama, art & design, photography and sport) during the day, and attend rallies in the evenings. The Convention allows students to discover and develop their God-given gifts. It is a time of fellowship with students, teachers and parents from around Europe, and a time of encouragement and inspiration at the rallies. The European Student Convention is an event not to be missed! This convention is for young people 12 years of age and older.

In the European Student Convention there are eight main event categories:

General, Academics, Art, Photography, Needle/Thread, Athletics, Music, and Platform.

In the Academics category there are two I.T. events:

In the photography category there is Special Effects (Computer Manipulated)event.