Overall Requirements

Overall Requirements

1. The site must have been developed since the conclusion of the last European Student Convention.

2. No more than two students may participate in the design and development of the site.

3. Site must consist of at least 5 pages.

4. Site address must be included on the Judge‘s Form.

5. Any Scripture reference listed must be from the New King James Version or King James Version.

6.All subject matter must be sensitive to the values of the Bible as the Word of God.  Photos need to be used thoughtfully regarding the purpose of the website and reflect a sensitivity to the ACE regard for modesty.

Possible project areas

(These are not limits, please be creative!)

  • Informational Website … Offer or provide information.
  • Promotional … Promote Christian school, church or charity.
  • Service … Offer a service to meet the needs of individuals or groups.