Governance of ICCE

Appointment of Board Members and Officials
As an international body, the ICCE Board has an appropriate policy governing the appointment of Board members and paid officers. From time to time, the Board invites other people to attend meetings as observers or to make presentations or give expert opinion.

Members of the ICCE Board

Brenda Lewis, Cert Ed, DBTS (Oxon) – English, Chair and Director of CEE
Nigel Steele, BEd – Geography, Headteachers’ Representative
Lionel Boulton, BMus – Music, Senior Moderator
John Allen, MB,BS,FRCS – Science, TEACH Representative
Valerie Jones,TC – Languages
Ken Jones, BSc,PGCE,DipTheol – Maths
Martin Sweet,MSc,PGCE,MRSC – Further Education
Daniel Govender, BTh,MCC – Managing Director of CEE

Sheila White, BA, Dip Sec – Adminstrative consultant
Phillip White, MIBiol – Science consultant
Stephen Dennett, CertEd – Educational Consultant

Officers and Employees
The following are commissioned or employed by CEE Ltd on a full or part-time basis:
Test Moderators, Administrator, Consultants.