Mission Statement

‘The International Certificate of Christian Education exists to provide Christian qualifications at a high standard for pupils studying on the Accelerated Christian Education programme throughout the world.’


  1. To provide high quality Christian qualifications for pupils on the ACE programme.
  2. To set high standards in academic performance, administration and management.
  3. To set up and maintain a secure administration system, which meets the requirements of national
    and international academic bodies.
  4. To promote the acceptance of ICCE qualifications by colleges, universities, government education
    departments and other academic bodies throughout the world.
  5. To commission where necessary new courses and materials where they are not provided by ACE or other Christian educational suppliers.
  6. To provide information and resources which complement the ACE programme and which enable
    pupils to complete the ICCE programme successfully.
  7. To provide support and encouragement to schools and parent educators engaged on ICCE, particularly in relation to ICCE procedures and policies.
  8. To contribute to the debate on Christian education.
  9. To help to train pupils for Christian service and leadership and to encourage them to seek God’s purpose in their lives.

The ACE programme represents the standards set by traditional, knowledge-based education in past generations. It is well known that the Christian church has had a fundamental role to play in the establishing of education throughout the world. The ICCE scheme is committed to these traditional values and to the re-establishment of a Christian voice in the assessment of students’ educational achievements.