Why WordPress ?

Why WordPress for ESC?

WordPress is a CMS for website developers, originally created for blogging (for more information about WordPress, click here). For ESC, we are using the WordPress CMS to give everyone a fair chance to show off their website development skills and gifting’s.

In the past, developing a website had certain limitations for the student. For example, the student may have been incredibly good at designing a website – but may have struggled with coding it so that it has good functionality. Equally, a student may have been brilliant at adding extra code, enabling Javascript and making the website do clever things… but may not have had the eye for the way in which the website looked.

By introducing a standard starting point (the WordPress standard theme – Twenty Ten), and having installed the WordPress engine – it removes the barriers for both types of student. The designers can concentrate on making the website look as beautiful as possible, knowing that the overall functionality of the website will work fine (and vice-versa). It also means that students can concentrate on making the website look and function in the best possible way, utilising website tutorials and plugins – without worrying about the complications of hosting and domain names.

Why WordPress Twenty Ten?

Be default, WordPress contains two themes that are completely editable (WordPress Twenty Ten and WordPress Twenty Eleven). A user can use these themes or install their own. In the instance of ESC, the criteria states that only the Twenty Ten theme can be used in a submission, all other themes will not be accepted. And here is our reasons for our choice…

WordPress themes are available for free and for purchase: a fixed theme means that everyone has the same opportunities and restrictions, making it fair for all entries. It also gives us the capacity to see exactly what you have done to enhance the theme from the same starting point, enabling us to give you are more in-depth and accurate result.

Twenty Ten is also a simple theme and is clearly labelled within the CSS and PHP files, so editing it with only a basic understanding of HTML and CSS can still produce excellent results.

These points make Twenty Ten* the ideal theme to use for ESC.

What have we done for you?

Unfortunately, in the interest of time and costs, we can’t allow you to install the WordPress sites for yourself. So here is a little summary of what we do to set-up your WordPress websites:

– We upload the WordPress Installation to the server.
– We set you up a MySQL Database.
– We install the WordPress CMS.
– We connect WordPress to the Database.
– We install the ‘slightly’ modified WordPress theme*

*We actually install a slightly modified version of the Twenty Ten theme, which has had to following changed on it: the footer copyrights and text that you see on the theme selection page. This ensures that everyone has exactly the same theme to start with, as well as ensuring your theme doesn’t got overwritten should you ever update your WordPress version.